Top 10 Reasons Why you should always Take Care of your Parents

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Parents — “you are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”: Kahlil Gibran

Parents are those who give without asking and love without accepting making them the most precious and beautiful beings in our life. Some people assume that only teachers are qualified to teach, but it is extremely troublesome to find an instructor who has an ability to pass down both academic knowledge and practical experience like our parents. For example, when I was a young student, I used to ask my father to help me solve the mathematics exercises, even though he is a business man. As you see, our parents may be not specialized in all specific fields, but they have a kind of instinct to sacrifice for the betterment of their children. They are not only loyal friends but also reliable consultants. They are willing to help us encounter the difficulties and share with us both happiness and sorrow, be with us when it seems all down and lift us up again to shine throughout.


gave us life

They are the ones who brought us in this world. You might feel indebted to so many people like your family and friends who keep you happy and balanced but you can never repay the point where your existence is succumbing to their decision of bringing you in this world. The result that you can shout and scream at them today, throw your tantrums infinitely is because they help you come alive.


taught us

They taught us how to walk, stand, sleep, wash, talk, hug, care and name it what they didn’t teach us was how to cry though that was the first thing we did coming in this world. From the values we learnt as a child, to the first time we rode a bike it is all their hard work where they decided to give us those small and big happiness of life. They taught us what life is, how hard it is and made it as easy as they could, if you think you made your life what it is today then do remember your first fall, your first walk and that first report card.



In anger how often we claim to our parents to repay all they have done to us, not acknowledging or understanding that it isn’t even closely possible. They gave us the part of their life which isn’t mortgaged to small paybacks, it’s a life time of investment we should be proud and feel lucky of. Never think of repaying of what they did for us but we can always try and help them not regret their selfless care and love for us. Some emotions are dealt only by the heart, the brain is immature to handle the criteria’s of love, selflessness and care. Your support is more precious to them than your money, they will love it if you spend some time with them rather than spend all your time earning money.



Your mom gave up her sleep to get you ready for school, your mom went to work and came home as actively so that you wouldn’t make excuses for your homework. Your dad spent those sleepless nights so that he could bring you the gift you craved for, he let go his plans to fulfill your dreams. Parents are a house full of surprises and sacrifices and stories of selfless love where we as buyers always exploited our luck. They weren’t supposed to do so much for you, they did so because of their compassion and feelings for us, our well being and to see us successful one day. We weren’t their future investment but the present which lightened up their day each day, counting their sacrifices would be like counting your hair rather we should just admire them and religiously follow what they teach us. For its said, you cannot compete a father’s advice and a mother’s care.


age and health

Remember the time your mother woke up nights beside you because you had high fever, it isn’t because she owed it to you it is because she cared for you. Similarly as we grow up there comes a time when our parents aren’t as active as they once were and they cannot give their 100% as they once used to, that’s when our time to return the care comes. We should do so for they aren’t anymore as competent and fit to take care of their health which worsened in taking care of ours.



Saints say there doesn’t lie a better blessing than what we receive when one serves their own parent. This doesn’t come as a responsibility or a burden, but an infinite good luck where we get an opportunity for doing something in return to their abundance of good attributes. Satisfaction is when you are able to sit with them for lunch and dinner, it is when you let go your work and give them time, it is when we stop being self centered and start focusing on their dreams for us.


example for the future generation

We often deal with insecurities of our future, of which the most prominent is old age. However hard we try to run away from it, we our disappointed and scared of being dependent of someone other than being self reliant. If we can be of that little support to our parents when they need us we become a blessing for them and an example for the future generation.



They have the experience we can never really have of the real world, before us to help us face it as strongly and focussed as before. Their experience is vital for our sustenance, growth and understand of the life beyond home. They provide the extra bit of knowledge, facts and instructions to make our life easy and give it a positive direction.



Parents love has the strength to help shrug off a bad calamity on us. They believe in the power of God and that of love helping us always be fulfilled with the their blessings and help. We cannot fight a district alone, we cannot make the right judgement always but when supported with the correct people, positive elders and infinite good advice, it helps the flow of bad time faster and their blessings become the root to their happiness.


they are always there

Never confuse yourself by taking this as a repayment, burden or a way to keep your reputation of a nice person intact in the society. Your parents are worried about your future more than ourselves. They have been there through the first fights, the first crush and the first fail, which makes us entitled to grace her blessings always and fore over. The selflessness helps us understand the values of life, their importance of happiness and a sense of contentment when you know your preference made a difference to their life.

Elders our your support staff, they have been there and will always be to help you give the right directions and provide the support we couldn’t have stand up without, it is our turn to repay it in whatever small way we can. Do not ever compare your sacrifices, important is your feeling of gratitude and love for parents.

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